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MAY 31 - Added a cute little music player!
MAY 23 - Completely redid my home page for the first time since I made it! I think it looks a lot better now, and it definitely has freed up some space for other stuff I want to put on here. :)

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An animated gif of a white barn owl on a branch bobbing its head.
Happy pride month!


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Welcome to the Houg Room!!! :)

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a little bit about me :)))))

My name is Houg and I go by He/Him pronouns. Some things I like are cities, space, small ceramic creatures, taking nice photos, and endlessly imagining cenimatography and storyboards for an animated movie I want to make without acting on it because I don't have the time to do that yet! so yeah.

How will this page even work omg?????

I have litcherally no clue. but I am sure I will tend to it every now and then. My goal is to eventually go analog, save for this page, so social media won't affect me that much. (I'll probably keep discord though because I like talking to friends :]). this page has only been up since february 22!!!!

Webpage Requirements (???)

OK SO you're gonna need a sort of squished (like a LOT more rectangular) screen with okay resolution not too much though. And firefox in this house we love firefox. And when you are on my page you are basically in my house so follow the rules!!!!



A small, round, green, and ceramic sculpture of a vaguely shaped creature. It has no eyes, ears, or nose. It only has an open mouth and four stubby legs.
OBSERVE. The gracious and round son of Digby creature........ Are you not enchanted?? are you not AMAZED???? You should be at least a little bit amazed tbh. I just really love round ceramic objects that look like very simple animals!! I totally want to make one someday. I think it would be pretty neat to make so many and have lots in every room. Just like a Digby on the table, a Digby on the counter, a Digby in the bookshelf.... and so on and so forth. Love them or hate them you have to admit it would be nice to carry a Digby in the dark when you're getting a drink of water in the middle of the night. (WHY WAS THIS FRAME SO HARD TO CODE OMG??)

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the edit above is by instagram user @butterpop.berry
I think that honestly everyone should stan Velma. She is just a very cool person who solves mysteries and is also very smart. She even has neat glasses!!! I love the rest of the scooby doo crew but Velma has a special place in my heart. I think if she was a teenager now she would also have a really cool style. This is a universal truth and is impossible to deny so don't even try it. VELMA MONOLOGUE END
I also did some velma fanart!!
Fanart of Velma I have drawn. She is in her usual outfit: Glasses, a large orange sweater, and a red skirt. She has a smiling expression.
Velma headcanons
Velma headcanons (normal)
  • Velma is very good at HTML and wants to make an official website for the Mystery Gang
  • She likes to read fanfic of her favorite shows and books and loves to go into deep analysis of the characters
  • Bisexual with a HUGE crush on Daphne
  • Has a secretly beautiful singing voice but is too shy to show it
  • Passes all of the "webcore" "vintagecore" "cozywave" vibe checks
  • Velma headcanons (cray!!) What I mean by cray is like in an alternate universe I made up where the scooby doo crew are uncovering a mystery that involves arcane magic?? And I just think Velma would be interested in that. So here are some headcanons about her relating to that!!
  • Velma is the one who found the book of Ancient Magic Knowlege (I'm still working on that part)
  • She reads it sort of like how Dipper from Gravity Falls would?? but in a more anaclytical way.
  • "There's gotta be a logical explanation to all of this!"
  • Velma starts writing her own entries in the book about all of the supernatural things she finds along the way!
  • ALTERNATIVELY: Velma tries to debunk many entries in the book and will proudly write in red ink "DEBUNKED BY VELMA!" in them

    UPDATE 2: just learned that the show in question is going to be ""adult oriented"" which I probably would have been fine with if it werent for the fact that its going to be.... hbo. Velma fans not winning anymore I guess :/

    Poem of the Month

    The poem of the month SHOULD change once every month, more or less. If it doesn't please remind me!

    The poem of the month for NOVEMBER is: Take Care by Jordan Bolton