Space Motel Alternate Universe


Areeah is the most populated and least terraformed world in the three. Most of is surface is covered in brackish and abyssal oceans. There are two continents: the one that stretches across the equator and accompanies thousands of islands, and a small one at the world's south pole. Only the equatorial one is populated, as the rest of Areeah isn't habitable yet.


The terraforming process began hundreds of years ago. First the Founders introduced microbes to change the atmosphere and then algae to make the oceans non-toxic. Then they planted moss lichen on the rocky peaks of the equatorial mountains, because the steam and foam from the water clouds make these heights as humid as a jungle. Soon after, an ecosystem developed based upon these plants. It is still very fragile and homogenous, but once hyperevolutionary technology is utilized (in E452) it will soon become of its own world rather than a patchwork of many other worlds.
There is very limited wildlife. So far there are no large animals, but many bugs and small creatures roam the highland prairies. Most of them come from Lyxeaperan plains but have been genetically modified to fit the Areehan highlands ecosystem before being released into the wilderness.


As of E446, the population of the entire world of Areeah is over 38 million, however many people may not have been counted as they live in remote areas to the world's capitol city Citadel. Around half of the total population lives in scattered villages around the equatorial mountains, and the other half lives in Citadel metropolitan zone (encompassing the city itself and the mountain it is built upon). The largest demographic is tied between Humans and Dendrians, but neither species are in the majority considering the massive amounts of immigration from other planets of the G.E.D.A. expanse. Most of these immigrants came to escape from religious prosecution, ecological collapse, and war. A large amount of these immigrants come from the other planets of the star Sarel. Extra-solar (those who have come from outside of star Sarel's reach) immigrants are less common, and tend to construct their own, isolated societies; they are simply too different to comphrehend or be comphrehended by Sarel's inhabitants considering how they often are not carbon-based or even have physical forms. However, if some choose to live in the major cities of Areeah, they would be welcomed with open arms considering how diverse the cities are already.

Demographics Chart


There is no single culture of Areeah. Like most worlds, each culture has only a few features in common. However, this phenomenon is usually found on naturally living worlds instead of terraformed ones. This makes Areeah unique.
There are hundreds of thousands of cultures that can be found on Areeah, but only a few came to be on the world itself. This is obviously because of the large amounts of immigration in Areeah's past and present.
Areeah is a very religious world. With every wave of immigration, religions from different worlds settled in the equatorial mountains. Places of worship are very common in the towns and cities of Areeah, with each medium-to-large sized community having places of worship for at least 7 religions, along with a varying number of monestaries and other sacred places. Religious communities tend to scatter and embed themselves in cities, but in rural areas religious demographics are homogenous.
Areeah's culture is largely affected by the climate and founding of the world itself. Teamwork and friendly bonds are reguarded as very important because they were extremely necessary during the Founding Era (E000 - E121) when Areeah was unorganized and overall less habitable. Values attributed to crewmembers and teams are often found at home, where the descendants of settlement team members reside. Being selfish, or being percieved as selfish, is considered incredibly rude. Individuality is still encouraged, but younger generations complain about how their society wants every part of them to be "useful".

Politics & Borders

There are no countries in Areeah, as the world is considered an entire country itself, but there isn't a leader of Areeah that can enforce any kind of laws outside of cities and towns. The vastness of Areeah makes it difficult to know and control what is going on. An embarrassing amount of the world's stability is held together by the honor system alone. In cities, governments function as city-states and a few even have their own armies. Areeah has not ever seen any major war, but if there were to be one the world surely would fall into chaos.

G.E.D.A. Influence

The Galexial Earthling-Dendrian Authority claims control over Areeah, and the world is considered a part of the G.E.D.A. Expanse. Similar to many other worlds and nations, feelings of distrust and a desire for independence is common amongst Areeahns. The G.E.D.A. has no influence over Areeah besides extrasolar public image and immigration control - neither of which are particularly enforced.