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Pixel art of a row of many colorful flowers in flower pots
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This is where I will put all the art I have created. Most of it will be crossposts from my tumblr blog but it's nice to have everything in one place tbh.
A pixel abstraction of a nebula, drawn with flat colors and no lines. In the center there is a cluster of light similar to how a nebula may look.
This artwork is based off of a nebula that actually exists, called the Ghoul Nebula (I think). I drew this because I wanted to turn it into something more abstract, and that I liked the colors.
A drawing of a creature that looks like a large and fearsome wolf or lion, but instead of fur there is a colorful clown suit. It has the tongue of a snake. At the end of its long and colorful tail is a tuft of red hair.
CLOWN #00218
TRANSCRIPT: "FIELD NOTES: Found in the northern Yadsaux Islands. #00218 travels in packs of up to 7, do not have a definite home. Mobile on most terrain, but moves most efficiently in canopies. Exact habitat uknown; clown #00218 is estimated to to perfer colder and more wooded habitats. Catches and eats birds but sometimes will forage for berries and nuts, which it eats whole." This was made when I was interested in clown husbandry. Unfortunately I'm not really into it anymore because I joined a discord server and the people there ruined it for me :// But I might start thinking about it again someday!!
Under a cloudy sky is a mountain with some sparse grass and bushes. Upon it is a curious statue that looks like a cylindrical gravestone with cat ears. It also has a circular hole in the center that goes straight through the statue.
This drawing takes place in a world called Areeah, in the space motel alternate universe. I promise that there will be a LOT about it on this page in the future!!! but for now, take a look at it and imagine what else might be in this world....
A semi-abstract drawing of a cloud in front of a mountain during sunset. Most of the drawing is covered in a light purple, except for the sun, that stands out with a glaring red.

This is something I made a while ago. I don't remember what inspired it but I like it a lot!

2D pixel art of a cross-section of a small square room. On one side of the room, there is a blue twin bed, some papers taped to the wall, and a poster. On the other side is a flowerpot with a blooming plant inside and a filing cabinet, along with some books on the floor. On that same side, there is a shelf on the wall holding 3 candles, one a warm red and the others white and modern. In the center of the room there is a window showing a view of space and a magenta nebula. Resting on top of the bed is a combination of a deer and a dog.
A mostly purple and light blue art piece. There is a square on the upper left that is a pixel-birds-eye-view map of some strangely shaped buildings. Surrounding these buildings is a purple flatness, suggesting a desert. Near the buildings is a dune made of purple and pink sand. Outside of the square is darkness.

MORE ART WILL BE ADDED!!! just not today