O Audrey, Angel of the Lakes, holy.
Our sister in Heaven, our fire out of snow
Lend us your hand and allow us a sip from your well
Feed us warm bread and safe water
Please, let us live another day.

Audrey is a religious figure who is known to have lived sometime around the year two thousand and twenty-four. She is greatly revered by many of the Great Lakes region's religious communities. She is hailed as the woman who brought humanity back into the light after the Catastrophe - the woman who spoke to the Angels, the Angels that showed her how to save the Earth and its people. The first Oracle.

God borne us to take care of the Earth. To take care of one another.
We have failed, and he has punished us. And we have punished ourselves.
But the time of penance has ended. We must return to the light.
We must make Him proud again.
Let this age of darkness and hatred end.
-Audrey's message to the people of Detroit (First Journey 18:4)
In paintings, quilts, tapestries, and carvings, Audrey is depicted as a tall woman with black hair and eyes. She has thick eyebrows and, usually, a stern expression on her face. In many cases she is looking directly at the viewer - intentionally to make it seem as though her eyes are following you. Her hair is put into two braids in the front and hangs loose on the back. She wears no jewlery, no bright colors, only a plain light-gray cloth cloak. She is never depicted as beautiful, to do so would be sacreligious. Instead, she has a more maternal or even sisterly presence, rather than a maiden. Her age varies depending on the artwork, but mostly she is shown as a young woman.