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Dear caramellahello caramella its mallory im typing from my brothers computer he says im bad at grammar so i shouldnt be sending computer-mail and he doesnt want bad grammar on his new computer whatever that means. i dont care that much because all i want to do is learn how to type really fast because i like the sound. i hope you have a computer so you can read this and reply back to me because i would like to know what you think. also i want to teach you how to do the computer becuase it was really hard for me to learn it so it would also be hard for you to do it because were both un-familiar with computers. i also want to tell you more about the door i found at the train station. whatdo you think it leads to? who d oyou think built it? (im tyipng really fas trig htnow)iwant to go overto you r couse and then we can talkit out a little bit if that sounds like somehing that youd want to do because it is something that i want to do and the things we want to do over-lap a lot which is why we are friends i think. also do you keep fruits in your sleeves? it really looks weird just letting you know. i saw you taking an orange out of it so dont try to lie.
anyways about the door i just asked my mom about it and she said it probabli leads-to a machin eroom but they stopped using the machine rooms a while ago because of the new technilogical advansements she said. so now all the old stations just have a room that no-one uses. isnt that weird? its weird to me. i wonder if someone lives in there i want to see. ill talk to you tomorrow From mallory

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