I'm in my ai generated image era!

The reason why I'm in my ai generated image era today is because ai generated images are just rad and cool. I like ai because it's very funny when it makes mistakes when it's trying to show me a picture of a cat that does not exist. Other times it can be scary but most of the time it's funny. Also I like how it's a specific kind of blurriness, not like the blurry someone would see when they take off their glasses but it's more like how a memory can be blurry if you haven't remembered it in a while, you know????? And I just think that's neat.
thispersondoesnotexist.com. This AI website has been around a while so the neural network is used to faces by now, so there aren't many funny mistakes anymore :/ it's still cool though!!
thisbutterflydoesnotexist.com. It basically generates a butterfly every time you refresh the page! This one hasn't been used for very long (as of april 2021) so there are occasionally some weird shapeless butterflies. Isn't that neat???
thischairdoesnotexist.com. I like this one especially because a) chairs are cool and b) it actually has a slider that lets you determine how weird you want your generated chair to be! This website really stands out in another way too, becuase it generates a 3D shape you can turn around in the web page.
theselyricsdonotexist.com. It basically generates lyrics for you, and it generates it based off of some criteria you choose!
this dog does not exist. with each tap of the space key, you can generate a set of some brand new dogs that may or may not be eldritch horrors. good luck!!!